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CA Fall 2014 Season is ready to start!

The full schedule for CA 4v4 is now available on the league page.

The first default match date is October 12th for all 3 divisions match time at 21:00 CET.

Map-Pool: Almost Lost, Asylum, Campgrounds, Hidden Fortress, Trinity, Overkill, Quarantine.


- map picking format: pick pick drop drop drop drop pick

- Your team has just 1 Wild Card, use it in case you are 100% sure your team can't play.

Good luck and have fun!

Posted by on 9th October 2014. Comments (2)


HowHard @ 17:10 EDT 15th October 2014 #1 gl hf, thanks DePaS for another season of CA!
@ 18:10 EDT 16th October 2014 #2 np, it's a pleasure :)