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CA 4v4: Wildcards, Rules violations and server settings.

Hello teams, here you got some extra explanations about wildcards, rules violations and server settings.

Each team has a maximum of 1 wildcard per season, and it has to be used at least 30 minutes before the timed schedule, also remember to use it only when you are 100% sure that your team can't play. Remember also that if you get an agreement with the enemy team to reschedule the match on another date wildcard is not needed, but admin MUST be informed about.

Rules violations usually lead to a defloss (it's up to the admin).

According to the rules the player Tenshiko, from SW team, is not allowed to play (in division #3) for the following reasons:

1 - Violations of the rule 3.8 (account created on sunday 12 and added to the squad without the admin approval)

2 - Tenshiko skill level is too high for div3, leading to an unfairy division.

About server settings,it's not revelant if matches are played with default or classic ruleset, the important thing is to set round limits to 10, if not matches must be replayed, with 10 as amount of round limits. Specs are not allowed, only admins (DePaS, Drayan, Doz3r) and streamers (actually quad_) are allowed to spectate games.

If you want more infos or you have any question about, you can find me on @hoqleagues irc quakenet - DeP4S.

Posted by on 16th October 2014. Comments (2)


Emexrulsier @ 14:10 EDT 28th October 2014 #1 I don't agree with the "2 - Tenshiko skill level is too high for div3, leading to an unfairy division." You can't penalise a clan because they happen to have a good player. A clan should be judged on the clans average skill level and not an individual player. Every game that ever had clans their was always a player or two that was a little better than his team mates. From what you are saying if a clan has the odd good player they are excluding from being able to play with their clan mates...
@ 10:11 EST 7th November 2014 #2 well, it's not hard to understand, they've added tenshiko to the clan roster after the cup start. If tenshiko was in the roster before the cup start, i'd put them in div2, and at that point no problem. But after the cup start, when a team add members, the admin must say if the player in object is suitable for that division or not.