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TDM Final Standings Fall 2015

Pos. Team Points Wins Losses Map Wins Netto Frags
1st Incoming Murderers 15 5 0 10 343
2nd Deliberate Murder 12 4 1 9 340
3rd Rekt 9 3 2 7 158
4th Team CZE 6 2 3 4 -176
5th POXUI 3 1 4 3 -165
6th EliteFour 0 0 5 0 -500
Pos. Team Points Wins Losses Map Wins Netto Frags
1st dioxide 12 4 1 8 267
2nd lastpick 12 4 1 8 152
3rd Worldstar 12 4 1 8 126
4th B52 6 2 3 5 60
5th p1mps 3 1 4 5 120
6th nerds 0 0 5 0 -485
Pos. Team Points Wins Losses Map Wins Netto Frags
1st Hateful Eight 15 5 0 10 500
2nd ashlen 12 4 1 8 139
3rd Zombi 9 3 2 7 196
4th Dretwe Lamy 6 2 3 5 -65
5th Version 2 3 1 4 2 -300
6th Scythe 0 0 5 0 -500

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