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TDM Spring Season 2016

We're pleased to announce the 9th Season of TDM on HouseofQuake. The sign-ups will be open Sunday 1st of March.

The rules were simplified for this season, please take your time to read them carefully, Match schedule can also be found within the rules, with important information for both players and team captains.


Anyone needing help or more information for the leagues should contact doz3r or xou, alternatively you can ask anyone in #HoQLeagues (IRC Quakenet).

Please no time wasters, HouseofQuake want to give those who really want to play and enjoy QuakeLive, the best possible experience within a league at a competitive level.

Posted by xou on 7th February 2016. Comments (2)


k1lljoy @ 23:02 EST 29th February 2016 #1 "2.5 - The cup will be played using a 7 maps pool: Deep Inside, Dreadful Place, Grim Dungeons, Limbus, Purgatory, Ragnarok, ?????." Really like the final map, will pick that every time 8) MultiQuestionMarkDM3
Insane_pl @ 22:04 EDT 6th April 2016 #2 Our clan need to get a wildcard with nerds match. Sorry admins about my late but i've got unpredictable work hours and cant be online this day. Sorry once again for others matches in future i will write much earlier, the comunication with my mates form numb lamas doesn't make a sense for this day couse 2 my major players was not avialable... Sorry for this we aren't be get more problems in the future.